What You’ll Learn

Leather Repair Courses

In only extreme circumstances should any leather items be thrown away. Most leather items can be repaired without even realizing it.
If your completely new to leather repair, our leather repair courses will certainly open your eyes.

You will have the chance to learn the following on our leather repair courses.

  • Tips and Tricks of using an airbrush: Airbrushing colour onto leather leaves a very professional finish! You can easily blend the colours in to match the surrounding leather. After a bit of practice – you’ll be doing this with your eyes closed! A very effective time saving and cost saving way of recolouring or touching up any leather restore work.

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  • Cleaning & Care of leather: During this stage of the leather training course. We’ll walk you through every aspect of caring for the leather and getting the best out of it. On the course, we’ll give you an in depth guide on basic leather cleaning and heavy duty cleaning.


  • Grain Copying: Can be a difficult task. It takes practice and patients to get near match of the leather grain you are trying to replicate. After completed this module of the leather training course. You’ll be able to copy leather grain patterns and imprint them onto the repair compound for an invisible repair.


  • Light Cracking & Surface Abrasion: As leather ages, it wears. Cracks can start to appear, worn leather patches become visible and on occasion peeling occurs. All of this can be repaired and restored to the leathers former glory.


  • Surface Scratches & Scuffing: We will teach you an indepth guide to dealing with scuffs and scratches, showing you the quickest and easist way to repair these. Blending in repairs to make them invisible, along with the use of mouth atomizers to colour small areas and larger areas.


  • Colour Matching: When carrying on repair, restoration or any re-colouring work. Getting the right colour can be a daunting task, We’re here to help. We’ll guide you through the correct procedures, advising and explaining everything on the way. We will teach you basic colour mixing techniques in just an hour. Everyone’s eyes are different, we all see things in slightly different ways. Colour mixing is something you need to practice. Of course, we’ll be here at the other end of the telephone or email for any advice, mishaps or questions!


  • Colour Changing: This is a fun part of the leather training course. We’ll teach you various methods on how to totally transform the colour of any leather items! Whether it’s from white to black, black to blue, or custom leather patches!

All of our leather repair courses can be adjusted to suit your own personal or business needs. If you want to focus on repairing tears or just airbrushing, that’s not a problem! We can build a leather training course just for you.

This was the car park on one of our last open days, we offer full leather repair courses.

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