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Leather Training Centre, The UK’s

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Taking up a leather training course or taking on a franchise with us gives you the security that your dealing with a professional company, all technicians will be IMI Awards Approved as we are the UK’s leading IMI Awards Approved Leather repair and Training centre, providing solutions to car, furniture and fashion manufacturers around the globe.

When you consider starting up your new business its very important that you plan this from the start correctly.

Getting training from an industry approved provider is essential, to ensure your customers are cared for correctly.

We have the only dedicated Leather Repair Training Centre of its kind in the UK

This Training Centre is based in Hull, East Yorkshire

Unit 22 Wyndham Street, Hull,

East Yorkshire, HU3 1HD

When we decided to open the UK’s only one of a  kind Leather Training Centre, we thought long and hard about a location that was perfect for everyone.

We wanted a leather training centre, that was in reach to everyone from around the world, so we decided upon Hull for its air, rail and sea links, our Leather Repair Training Centre is just within a few hundred yards of Hull training station making it the most accessible training centre in Europe.

Within walking distance again from the Leather Training Centre,  just a few hundred yards away back to the train station are several hotels with prices from £39 per night for a room.

Humberside and Doncaster Airport are just a short drive away and the main ferry terminal in Hull is just a couple of miles drive.

Over the years we have trained people from all over the world in leather repairs and these people are still going strong today, with very successful companies.

As time has gone on leather has become more widely used and in fact is now used more in cars than fabric interiors, with the internet opening up to the world, it’s made things much better for companies for importing and exporting and finding tanneries overseas for the supply of raw hides and skins, so this has made it possible for leather to be more commonly used on items today.

With that in mind, this means its a repair technicians market place for the taking, the leather repair market is huge, much bigger than people can imagine,  since we have been involved in the industry we have seen it increase in size by ten times and its still growing.

The courses we run are run by the UK’s finest professional instructor Richard Hutchins who has been involved in leather since the age of 14, over the years Richard has trained companies far and wide, from vehicle detailers, Aircraft companies, furniture manufacturers, clothing companies, handbag companies, car manufacturers, yacht suppliers  and even interior designers.

With our leather repair training centre being an approved status centre it makes it very unique compared to others, you are provided with full approval  and certification.

With our leather repair training courses being the choice of people today due to its in depth hands on training, this give the trainee a much better and clearer approach to leather repairs, far better than any other company in the leather repair training market today.

With us being manufacturers, we are not just providing you with training you are gaining the knowledge of the manufacturer of some of the finest car and restoration products in the world.

We invest year in year out thousands of pounds on research and development of our product ranges to ensure we are always at the forefront of the industry with leading edge technology products.

This ensures your job as a technician is one of the easiest to carry our as you know your in the best hands possible when it comes to customer care and back up from head office.

Our Leather Training Centre has been set up with you the trainee in mind to provide you with one of the most thrilling experiences possible, providing you with everything you need to hand in one location.

Every trainee is provided with a huge in depth restoration guide, a full curriculum is provided so you know your being trained by the best in the industry, who is fully approved and endorsed with over 30 years experience with leather.

Below are some pictures of our leather training centre as it is being set up in Hull. More pictures will follow for the Leather Training Centre.


Leather Training Centre