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Leather Training Courses To Suit you

Leather Training  & Repair Courses to suit you. We offer some of the best leather training courses around today.

Looking to upskill and improve your workforce – we can help you

As an international training provider, we know that employing the right people with the right skills, can substantially increase your bottom line. A commitment to training and career development will increase your staff retention rates, boost moral, motivation and provide increased productivity.

Book your staff on a leather repair training course today and allow them the chances to gain a QAP qualification within the leather care industry.

If you would like to book a leather training course with an approved and authorised company, please get in touch with us today Email us now.

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We train people every week from all walks of life.

Cleaning Companies.

Valeter’s, Detailing Companies.

Furniture Shops.

Restoration Companies.

Furniture Manufacturers.

The Leather Repair Company can work around you and your company to meet your leather training requirements.

We can teach you and your staff everything from a basic understanding of leather to leather cleaning and full leather restoration.

Our leather repair training courses can be tailored for 1 to 1 or group sessions.

No matter what part of the world you are in – we can still aid you in expanding your knowledge and learning in the leather repair / leather restore industry.

We listen to your current knowledge of leather and advise on the best way forward. If there’s something in particular you wish to learn or expand your knowledge on, mention this at the time of contact – we’re here to fit all leather training course’s around you.

Trainees have traveled from all over the world to train with us, from Spain, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and the USA

Our Leather Training Course will teach you on all aspects of Leather Care & repair. Visit this page for more information: What You’ll Learn On Our Leather Repair Training Course

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If you would like to book on an approved qualified training course please get in touch with us today.

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