Leather Training Course

Of attending a Leather Repair Training Course

From the second you walk through our doors to the minute you leave, our trade secrets begin to flow, you will find out so much during your leather repair course, it will blow you away.

The knowledge Richard has is outstanding, Richard has been involved with leather in one way or another for 30 years, so as you can imaging the knowledge and respect he has built up is enviable to the competion

After attending any of our leather training courses, you will walk out of the door with more knowledge than you could have ever of expected to know about leather.

Even from the basic leather repair course – you’ll learn how to clean leather correctly, and care for the leather. Whether this is a leather sofa, leather jackets or that lovely leather car interior.

You’ll be able to protect and look after leather in the correct manner which will in turn extend the life of your loved leather items.

If however, you attended one of our more intense leather training courses. You’ll now be armed to carry out repairs for your self, loved ones, family or friends.

Depending on the course attended, you should be at the stage now where you can perform leather repairs to tears, rips or scuffs to all things leather.

With additional colour mixing practice once you have left us,  you will be able to respray or recolour leather items like you never thought possible.

If you choose to attend our Ultimate leather repair course. You’ll now be armed to the teeth with new found knowledge to carry out repairs for not only your self, but – you could walk down the street and repair a strangers leather car seat!

You’ll be given extensive knowledge and advise on the most types of leather repairs, leather recolouring and leather restoration.

To finish the leather training course off, you’ll be given the ultimate start up kit! if thats the course you decided to do.

This kit will contain everything you need to start your own leather repair business! Airbrushes, leather colourants, tear kits, glues and leather re-colouring balms.

To take it to the next level, once your fully trained in all aspect’s of leather repair work. You can even choose to take out repairs under the franchise option!

 leather training course BIAB Business In A Box leather repair company in a box fully mobile services   Business in a box, fully mobile leather repair service  Leather Repair Training complete business ready to go in a handy box that fits into your car  Start your leather repair company today a complete business in a box   BIAB Mobile leather repair business, start a  business today with full leather repair training   Leather repair training courses, full set of leather colourants with every trade kit purchased.

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If you wish to, you can familiarise your self with the products you will be using on the leather training days. Visit the leather repair company store.